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Sports Science

Our Sports Science curriculum offers students a chance to learn about sports through play while learning the science behind the sport. Sports Science correlates with Virginia SOL standards and helps to provide a diverse approach to learning. For example, in the basketball unit, students learn which angles have a higher percentage of making a three-point shot. They compare and contrast angles, percentages, and much more while engaging in real-life learning experiences.


Our Sports Science curriculum offers a fun way to provide instruction while infusing sports into the curriculum. Sports Science offers a variety of sports for every interest and is one of our most popular enrichment programs.

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a soccer ball bend into the upper corner of the goal or what angle to shoot a ball to make more three-pointers? This is what Sports Science enables students to discover.


This enrichment program is designed to introduce students to a variety of sports and to learn about some of the sciences that are associated with the sport. Students will learn the history of the sport, the basic rules, how to play the sport, as well as the science behind the sport. Lessons tie into SOLs and core standards. Lessons typically include physical activity, science, math, history, and language arts.


Sports science can be the ultimate cross-curriculum teacher!

Students do not have to be super athletes to play a sport or to learn about the physics behind sports. Studying how sports work and being able to apply it is a blast!

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