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Enrichment City Programs

In addition to offering a variety of Enrichments, we also provide professional developments that are considered more than just "sit and get". 

These programs are interactive, hands-on, and fun trainings that will add skills to your toolbox! 

Sports Science

Investigate the science behind your favorite sports.

The smARTist Progam

Creative expression at its finest. 

Tasty Education

Enrichment classes never tasted so good. 

Helping Hands

Giving back through Community Based Projects.

Audio Engineering

Students will learn the art of DJing, public speaking while having a blast. 


Art program designed to draw cartoons and comics from basic shapes and lines.

World Exploration

Students have the opportunity to explore the world through project-based learning while tracking their journey through their passports. 

Photography & Videography

With creativity and storytelling through the lens students learn the art of cinematography.  

Beat Making 101

Students will learn the art of making beats.

Board Gameology

Students will reinforce S.E.L skills and build their own board game. 

Bucket Drums

An introduction to rhythm and percussion.


Investigate and explore assembling and disassembling electronics, instruments, and much more.


Students will make and design puzzles to take home.  

Card Gameology

Card gameology allows immersion in play through Social and Emotional learning (S.E.L.). 

Remote & Radio Controlling (R.C.)

Students will learn through Remote/Radio controlled vehicles (R.C.). Students will have much fun driving and flying R.C. vehicles while learning math, building R.C.’s STEM, and creating obstacle courses. R.C. reinforces teaching in math and language arts and is heterogeneous to meet the needs of states that utilize (S.O.L.s). In addition, it also incorporates S.E.L. and project-based learning.

Martial Arts

Combining boxing, mixed martial arts, yoga, strength and conditioning for a comprehensive experience.

Mobile Planetarium

The Enrichment City Mobile Planetarium is a highly engaging and immersive experience that aims to educate and entertain individuals of all ages.

Now offering...

Enrichment City In A Box

Art Class

Programs to meet your needs.

Enrichment “In A Box” is ideal for small to large organizations. Our programs are project-based, fun, and easy to use. Each program has easy-to-follow step-by-step lessons, materials, supplies, and a family or community extension activity.

Enrichment “In A Box” can also be used indoors and outdoors in limited spaces. Not much space? No problem! Our “In A Box” program is easy to store.


All Enrichment “In A Box” programs can be designed to fit your organization’s needs. We can also adjust our offerings to meet your requirements.

Other Accommodations:

Limited staff? No problem! Enrichment “In A Box” can be taught by staff and even volunteers. We also can arrange to facilitate your “In A Box” program via Zoom if needed. Lastly, we offer in-person facilitators who will come to your facility to teach the lessons. This option falls under our enrichment curriculum (please get in touch with us for information).

Who do we serve?

We serve a variety of businesses and educational institutions. We are perfect for after-school, before-school, summer, spring break, school out, and school day programs. We have provided programs for parks & recreation, schools, churches, daycares, summer camps, birthday parties, block parties, and more.

Included in the Enrichment “In A Box”:

Step-by-step lesson plans that reinforce school-day learning (lessons are based on grade or age bands [K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9th+]

Supplies and materials for 25 participants

Family or community extension activity

Game or Activity

Endless fun and learning!

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