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The SmArtist Program offers students art experiences designed to build confidence in self-expression, support individual growth, and foster innovation through exploration. SmArtist is designed to build each child’s confidence in his or her creative abilities and to have respect for the artistic skills of others. The art program will help each child explore art by encountering artist tools, materials, and ways of thinking like an Artist. SmaArtist takes a four-step approach.

SmARTist Lessons

Art Concepts

Each lesson will begin by looking at work or works of art through reproductions or videos to introduce the artist, tools, or concepts. Each project will include a guided discussion about the art, artist, or technique before and during the art-making process. Through these methods, the children will acquire the knowledge along with the language to begin their journey on what it means to think and work as an artist.

The Culminating Event of the SmArtist Program is a showcase of student artwork. The Pop-Up Gallery will not only introduce the students to the planning and setting up of an art show, but it will also provide opportunities to engage parents and school-community partners in building a community supportive of creative youth development.

The Culminating Event  | Pop-Up Gallery

Sharing & Reflection

Through the sharing of ideas and creative abilities, young artists will come to respect the work of other classmates as well as that of other artists and cultures. As the young artists learn how to explain their artwork, share their intentions, or point out exciting qualities they observe in peers’ artwork, they will engage their analytical thinking skills and increase their vocabulary. The SmArtist Program of Enrichment City will create an environment that will build up each young artist’s confidence in their creative abilities while developing respect for the creative talents of others. Additionally, through creating works of art, the participants will enhance their 21st-century skills of innovation, critical thinking, communication, presentation, and creativity.

Through art making, the students will explore a variety of materials and approaches to create. Students will learn to work and think like artists and be able to link their newfound knowledge to life and school experiences.

Explore & Create

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