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Audio Engineering

The DJing 101 enrichment provides students the opportunity to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) learning via the art of DJing.

Students learn on popular DJ software platforms, engage with various DJ turntables and controllers, and understand how to use technology to mix music for various environments. Additionally, students learn a skill and a trade that can be advantageous for their future. Lastly, learning how to DJ develops and promotes self-efficacy and self-confidence within a young person that is vital for overall healthy development.

DJing encompasses all the aspects of STEAM, including:


Frequency, pitch control, and sound formats (mp3, .wav, etc.)



DJ controllers, virtual DJ software, and A/V connections


Physical sound acoustics, equalization, and effect manipulation



Music, moods (social & emotional learning), and DJ style



BPM's and tempo, time signature, and fractions as it relates to notes.

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